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First Day at the New School!

Monday, August 18th, 2014

First DayThis is a first for both Maddie and Meelie! All they have know is Shanghai American School, but now they are off to new adventures at Universal American School Dubai. It’s something they get to do together – embark on the newness of moving to a new place with a perspective unique to themselves. Before we arrived at school, all they could think about was… uniforms, uniforms, uniforms! But when we pulled up to school, they seemed to forget about the uniforms. I mean, everybody else was wearingAmelia and Regan one so who cares, right? I caught them looking into other children’s eyes curious as to whether or not that person would be a potential friend.

We’re happy to report that both girls made friends on their first day of school! Cheers to change, cheers to the newness of everything, cheers to the positive attitudes of my girls. Love them so much…



A Day at the Barn

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Amelia loves to go to the barn when her older sister takes horseback riding lessons. Amelia will be old enough one day to take lessons as well, but in the meantime she will enjoy feeding the horses and playing with the sheep!


Tucson in the Summer

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

We headed to Tucson to visit Grandma Dotty for a week over the summer.  There is a lot to do in Tucson but when you visit in the summer, nearly every activity ends with a dip in the pool… for several hours at a time! :)  Meelie had fun and actually learned to swim by herself (with floaties of course)!  She quickly discovered that she didn’t mind that much when she actually went under the surface of the water after she jumped into the pool.  This is a trait that is the exact opposite of her sister! :)  Amelia is a fish and I suspect that we’ll have to watch her like a hawk around the water for many years to come! :)

She had a great time at Grandma Dotty’s house.  The read books, made cakes and swam… a lot!  Thanks for the visit!









First Trikes!

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

SANY0027Since her older sister learned how to ride a bicycle without training wheels for the first time, Amelia has been eager to join in on the fun.  She has hopped on Maddie’s bike with training wheels but her short little legs just can’t reach the pedals.  So when we went to buy Maddie her America bike, we bought Miss Amelia her very first trike.  I called it a Big Wheel when I was growing up but “trike” is easier for her to say.


She was so excited and she just knew that it was for her and only her.  She couldn’t wait for dad to get it out of the car and put it together.  She even tried to take it for a spin without the wheels on yet!  Maddie helped her put all of the Dora stickers on and then she was ready to go.  In the end, her legs are still just a bit too short to reach those pedals but she pulls herself along and it’s just a matter of time!SANY0039

Thanks dad for putting together the first trike!



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