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Bauer, Meelie and Fiona

Friday, February 5th, 2010

DSC05984Bauer was born exactly five weeks before Amelia and Fiona was born exactly three days before Amelia.  These three kids are the best of friends.  They go to Thursday art classes together, they play over at the clubhouse together, they eat lunches together, the explore SAS together… they love each other.  The newest thing is that all of people around school love to see Amelia and Bauer kiss.  Amelia kisses Bauer on command and Bauer actually likes it!  We printed the picture off of Amelia kissing Bauer and she has been carrying it around the house for days.  Meelie loves Bauer…  we’ll have to connect them later on in life if we aren’t in the same region!



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