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First Day at the New School!

Monday, August 18th, 2014

First DayThis is a first for both Maddie and Meelie! All they have know is Shanghai American School, but now they are off to new adventures at Universal American School Dubai. It’s something they get to do together – embark on the newness of moving to a new place with a perspective unique to themselves. Before we arrived at school, all they could think about was… uniforms, uniforms, uniforms! But when we pulled up to school, they seemed to forget about the uniforms. I mean, everybody else was wearingAmelia and Regan one so who cares, right? I caught them looking into other children’s eyes curious as to whether or not that person would be a potential friend.

We’re happy to report that both girls made friends on their first day of school! Cheers to change, cheers to the newness of everything, cheers to the positive attitudes of my girls. Love them so much…



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