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Brewer’s Fest

Another reason to love Oregon is because it is so kid-friendly.  Even when Oregon holds its Brewer’s Fest down by the waterfront, not only are the kids allowed in but there is actually a place for kids to get free root beer, have their face painted and play games.  I hung out in there for awhile with the girls while Maddie waited in line to get her arm painted!  Of course when all was said and done, we had to took Max home!  Just another adventure for the girls!! )





One Response to “Brewer’s Fest”

  1. Aunt Sissy Says:

    Going to the farm was great fun! My friend and I were just reminiscing the other day about when we all went out to her farm. We both particularly remember you learning to carry the kittens! We got a big chuckle out of that!
    I agree that visits are too few and far between, but so glad we were able to make the most of our visit. It was great fun. We are grateful for each minute spent with you….and so very grateful to your Mommy and Daddy, too, for making it possible!!!
    Hope you had a very happy birthday, Amelia. We love you and think of you often. Love, Aunt Sissy and Unca Bubba

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