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Meelie Reads to Callie

My little girl has started bringing home leveled reading books from school! She loves to ID those snap words of hers, but most of all I think she likes reading to Callie! What we learned from this book is that Amelia wants to go back to Hong Kong Disneyland to ride the Merry-Go-Round! Soon Meelie…. soon!

2 Responses to “Meelie Reads to Callie”

  1. b+ (Grandma Barbara) Says:

    I am glad that Meelie is making sure that Callie is being educated. She is our kind of girl. We love you Amelia.

    Grandma Barbara

  2. Aunt Sissy Says:

    Happy 6th Birthday Amelia! We can’t wait to see you! Enjoy your special day! Love you!

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