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Eva’s Birthday Party…

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Going to somebody else’s birthday party can be so much fun… especially when you are only one!




Happy Birthday Miss Amelia!

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

One year already – how did that happen?

We celebrated Amelia’s first birthday this week. Maddie counted the days down on the calendar and she helped me choose the type of cake we would make for the celebration. Maddie and I rushed home after school so that we could get started on the cake. Maddie actually did everything for the preparation. She was so intent on making Amelia’s cake perfect. She measured and added all of the ingredients, mixed the batter by hand and even set the timer on the oven. Maddie’s favorite part was making the pink icing and then decorating Amelia’s cake.

Amelia simply giggled the entire night. We sang happy birthday, took some pretty pictures and then BLAM! Amelia practically jumped into the cake. Both hands flew into the icing first and then into the cake part! We had so much fun with her!!

Happy Birthday Miss Meeli Mabel!!!


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